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askozia-pbx logo 100x100Askozia has set up a shop for components and pre-built appliances, with a percentage of all sales going into further development of AskoziaPBX.

AskoziaPBX: Porting to Linux, Going for Mainstream

We’re currently in the process of porting Askozia®PBX (an Open Source PBX solution based on Asterisk) to use Linux as its base operating system. This allows us to support architectures other than x86 and take advantage of Asterisk features not available on FreeBSD.

Many manufacturers have expressed interest in having a turn-key software solution available for their hardware offerings. Auerswald, a large German telephony equipment manufacturer, has sponsored our initial port to Linux and the Blackfin CPU architecture, now offering AskoziaPBX as an alternate firmware for their upcoming COMpact 3000 VoIP device.

What is needed for Asterisk based distributions to become as mainstream as a FRITZ!Box?

Asterisk’s flexibility lets it be tailored to different markets; which ones are laying undiscovered?

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New Release : 1.0.3

Another small update to the 1.0 series has been released adding a French localization (submitted by Jean-Pierre Lozano) as well as updating the Japanese and German localizations.

Also, the last few hard-coded AskoziaPBX strings have been made customizable for our branding customers. Your updated versions are also available for download.

AskoziaPBX 1.0.2 + Project Update

askozia pbx logoMichael from the AskoziaPBX project sent round an update on the progress of AskoziaPBX. He mentions their continuing work on the Linux port, the FreeBSD base system has been updated to 6.4, the web GUI is using jQuery, and their presence at CeBIT 2009:

This little update is far from all that has been happening with Askozia®. Work continues on the Linux port. We have a nearly complete “target” definition for T2 which builds all of our packages from source and packages them into a root file system. A testable live CD will be available before April.

Akif Dinç, a new team member here, has been doing a good job of keeping the FreeBSD side of development running for 1.1.x. FreeBSD has been updated to 6.4, Asterisk to and Zaptel and ISDN4BSD to their latest trunk versions which will resolve some issues with card compatibility. Drag-and-drop functionality in the WebGUI has been
refactored to use jQuery UI instead of Scriptaculous which resolves some browser incompatibilities.

Functionality will also be expanded in 1.1.x. What do you need the most?

CeBIT 2009 was a good chance for us to meet up with several groups from the Askozia community. We had a nice time catching up with Auerswald, Deciso and OpenVox and getting a chance to meet René Rebe from the T2 project. So many opportunities to work together to keep producing quality releases, 2009 will be an interesting one!

About AskoziaPBX

AskoziaPBX is more than another GUI for Asterisk. It is an embedded PBX solution which eases system upgrades, backups and provisioning.


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BSDTalk interview with John Todd (Asterisk)

Podcast LogosBSDTalk has a 23 minutes interview with John Todd, Open Source community director at Asterisk

BSDTalk 166 – Listen to the podcast: MP3 | OGG

For those interested in Asterisk on FreeBSD with a lot of preconfiguring already done and a lot of extras, try AskoziaPBX.

Askozia®PBX aims to make the power of Asterisk® available to the average user in a slimmed down, embedded PC friendly form. AskoziaPBX is more than another GUI for Asterisk. It is an embedded PBX solution which eases system upgrades, backups and provisioning.

bug release: AskoziaPBX 1.0.1

What happens to a lot of .0 releases happened to AskoziaPBX also: a handful of bugs managed to creap in… AskoziaPBX 1.0.1 squashed the bugs in 1.0 (The perils of .0 releases)

A week has gone by since 1.0.0 was released and we’re ready for a small update. Seven bugs killed in seven days. Thanks for all of the reports and feedback!


release: AskoziaPBX 1.0

After 14 months, 24 public betas, 40 developer snapshots and more than 45,000 downloads we’re very proud to announce the availability of version 1.0

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed patches, reported bugs, troubleshot hardware, provided translations and those actively helping in the forums. So many people have helped out with this effort it is impossible to begin naming names. We are a small group and could not have gotten this much accomplished without the community at hand.

We’d also like to thank our main sponsors Auerswald and Deciso for providing us with the financial means to continue full-time development as well as OpenVox who has donated a wide variety of testing hardware. You all are keeping this Open Source project afloat.

Congratulations to the AskoziaPBX Team and sponsors!

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beta release: AskoziaPBX pb14.3

The project team behind AskoziaPBX, a FreeBSD based Asterisk server system, is getting ready for the 1.0 release. Today version pb14.3 was released, with the following changes and updates:

  • new outgoing Caller ID options for ISDN and Analog Providers
  • new Portuguese language audio prompts
  • updated webGUI localizations (Greek, German, Italian and Dutch)
  • annoying “Remote UNIX connection” messages no longer generated
  • systems with Cyrix 5530 ATA controllers now working
  • ACPI issues fixed, Intel D201GL* boards now working
  • scriptaculous updated to 1.8.1 and misc. Javascript cleanups

Website and dowloads

new release: AskoziaPBX pb14.1

Michael Iedema announced the availability of AskoziaPBX 14.1

after a week of testing and feedback, we’re proud to announce pb14.1! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to let us know what you did and did not like. Also, a huge thanks to those providing webGUI translations.

Some of the changes and updates:

  • New localizations for simplified and traditional Chinese, Danish and Dutch
  • Sorting the logs in reverse order has been reinstated
  • SIP and IAX2 URIs can now be used as dialstrings for external phone accounts
  • Users may now define their own voicemail notification e-mail messages
  • Dynamic dns update server address for zoneedit has been fixed
  • jquery updated to 1.2.6

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