Setting up your first NAS with FreeNAS

Benjamin Milman, of iXsystems, recently did a talk at Linux Fest Northwest 2014 showing users how to set up FreeNAS. Check out his informative session on setting up your first NAS below.

To view the official post with slides, head on over to the following link:

FreeNAS has been released

FreeNAS_logo_lightThe FreeNAS engineering team has just released, after fixing several bugs that showed up in the previous version ( The release came just a few days after was released, which fixed bugs related to replication speed, CIFS, ZFS, and snapshots. The following list from Jordan Hubbard notes some of the changes in

  • Solarflare driver trips an assert. Fixed.
  • Can’t list snapshots in GUI. Fixed.
  • misspelling in info popup. Fixed.
  • SMB panic. This one has been a royal PITA for us. We can’t reproduce it at all, though the latest tracebacks from “R K” look somewhat informative – I’ll look at that section of the code today. Anyone else seeing it in, please attach a core file to the ticket

Head on over to the following link to download FreeNAS

Check out the official release announcement from Jordan Hubbard here:

FreeNAS offers professional training courses

FreeNAS is now offering professional training from ZFS Educator Linda Kateley.

The first run of courses will be an Intro to FreeNAS and ZFS. Learn how to use the FreeNAS GUI, how to do a basic setup for datasets and shares, and how to configure ZFS enterprise features.

ZFS courses
For more information check out the following link:

FreeNAS Developers help build better FreeNAS boxes

FreeNAS is the most popular storage OS in the world, and makes it easy for anyone to build secure, robust network attached storage (NAS) to store files and share files.

In this video Jordan Hubbard, the project lead for FreeNAS and the CTO at iXsystems, and James Nixon teach you about FreeNAS, open source, and setting up your backup hardware the right way.


About FreeNAS: FreeNAS is a FreeBSD-based (nanobsd) and BSD licensed open source Network Attached Storage Platform developed by iXsystems, that has been optimised to support file storage and files sharing across Windows, Apple, and UNIX-like systems.