BSDNow.TV Episode 68 – Just the Essentials

In this BSD Now episode, hosts Kris Moore and Allan Jude interview Michael Lucas regarding his latest BSD book, “FreeBSD Mastery: Storage Essentials.” This book features information on the disk subsystems, GEOM, filesystems, etc. Click play to tune in:

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BSDNow.TV Episode 66 – Conference Connoisseur

In this BSD Now episode, hosts Allan Jude and Kris Moore interview Paul Schenkeveld, the chairman of the EuroBSDCon Foundation, regarding his experiences in running BSD conferences and how regular users can help with involvement. Press play below to tune in:

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8,000,000 Mogofoo-ops (BSD Now 65) has uploaded another, weekly, video: 8,000,000 Mogofoo-ops (BSD Now 65).

“Coming up on the show this week, we’ve got an interview with Brendan Gregg of Netflix. He’s got a lot to say about performance tuning and benchmarks & even some pretty funny stories about how people have done them incorrectly.”

To view a summary of what Kris Moore and Alan Jude chat about or for other audio/video formats visit the BSD Now 65 page on Jupiter Broadcasting or click here for the youtube link.