BSDNow.TV Episode 46: Network Iodometry

In this BSD Now episode, hosts Allan Jude and Kris Moore show us how to tunnel out of a restrictive network using just DNS queries. In addition, they interview Bryan Dewery of the FreeBSD portmgr team regarding their package building cluster. Hit play below to tune in:

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BSDNow.TV Episode 40: AirPorts & Packages

This BSDNow.TV episode discusses OpenBSD’s ports and package system. Karl Lehenbauer is also interviewed and talks about the use of FreeBSD at FlightAware. Press play below to watch:

The following BSDNow.TV roundup brings you even more talks from BSDCan 2014. The list contains the talks hosted on YouTube:

This video on how to set up CARP Fail-over and High Availability on FreeBSD was also included:

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BSDCan 2014 videos available

The folks at BSDNow have shared a list of talks given at BSDCan 2014. All videos have been made available on YouTube below:

Check out the official post from BSDNow here: