BSDTalk interview with James Cornell

Will Backman did an interview with James Cornell. They talked about their favourite BSD web sites and about shopping for BSD.

Thanks for those who recommended this blog in the comments on the BSDTalk page.

This reminds me, I should have a look at my links page and update it where necessary. I noticed some sites have moved or don’t exist anymore.

FreeBSD news – quick links (week 4)

Some quick links that you may want to check out.

LinuxReality Podcast: M0n0wall and pfSense (a site with Linux related podcasts – similar to the BSD focused has posted a podcast (episode 84) that focuses on Linux and (network) security. In this episode Paul Asadoorian and Larry Pesce of the Pauldotcom Security Weekly Podcast are interviewed.

Amongst the many things discussed, M0n0wall and pfSense are also mentioned.

Download the podcast: MP3 or OGG