FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report (Oct – Dec 2009)

The FreeBSD’s quarterly status report for 2009 Q4 is now available:

This report covers FreeBSD related projects between October and December 2009. This is the last of the four reports covering 2009, which has shown to be a very important year for the FreeBSD Project. Besides other notable things, a new major version of FreeBSD, 8.0-RELEASE, has been released, while the release process for 7.3-RELEASE is soon to begin.

Table of Contents

Google Summer of Code

  • BSD-licensed iconv


  • 3G USB support
  • Clang replacing GCC in the base system
  • FreeBSD TDM Framework
  • HAST — Highly Available Storage
  • Intel XScale hwpmc(9) support
  • POSIX utmpx for FreeBSD
  • SUJ — Journaled SoftUpdates
  • The webcamd deamon

FreeBSD Team Reports

  • FreeBSD Bugbusting Team
  • FreeBSD Release Engineering
  • The FreeBSD Foundation Status Report

Network Infrastructure

  • bwn(4) — Broadcom Wireless driver
  • IP Payload Compression Protocol support
  • Ralink wireless RT2700U/2800U/3000U run(4) USB driver
  • Syncing pf(4) with OpenBSD 4.5
  • Wireless mesh networking


  • CAM-based ATA implementation
  • Group Limit Increase
  • NFSv4 ACL support
  • V4L support in Linux emulator


  • The FreeBSD German Documentation Project
  • The FreeBSD Hungarian Documentation Project
  • The FreeBSD Spanish Documentation Project


  • Flattened Device Tree for embedded FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD/ia64
  • FreeBSD/mips
  • FreeBSD/sparc64


  • Chromium web browser
  • Ports Collection
  • VirtualBox on FreeBSD

Vendor / 3rd Party Software

  • DAHDI (Zaptel) support for FreeBSD
  • NVIDIA amd64 driver


  • AsiaBSDCon 2010 — The BSD Conference
  • BSDCan 2010 — The BSD Conference
  • meetBSD 2010 — The BSD Conference
  • The FreeBSD Forums

Userland utilities

  • BSD-licensed text processing tools

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Quick news and links

Security Advisories

The FreeBSD Security issued 3 security advisories

FreeBSD Errata Notice

Since FreeBSD 8.0 was released, several stability and performance problems have been identified. This Errata Notice describes several fixes judged to be of particular importance, but low risk, to users with specific workloads or using specific features that trigger these problems.

Areas where problems are addressed include NFS, ZFS, Multicast networking, SCTP as well as the rename(2) syscall.


Adopt a FreeBSD Port

There are currently 4726 ports without maintainer, which means that no one is actively maintaining them. Out of these ports, 243 (roughly 5.00%) are out of date. Can you help?

Android SDK

Android SDK on FreeBSD is now available for FreeBSD 8

ZFS Patches on FreeBSD 7

Alexander has made a lot of ZFS patches for FreeBSD 7

FreeBSD Snapshots

The first batch of FreeBSD snapshot releases for 2010 are now available:

PBI Builder 2.5

A newer version of the PC-BSD PBI Builder (package builder) has been released

Released: Frenzy 1.2

This is so particular: on the day that I moved Frenzy to the inactive/no-longer-maintained section a new release was announced.

After being formally discontinued by its creator, Sergei Mozhaisky, a number of developers headed by Egor Vershinin has taken over the work.

Frenzy is a FreeBSD-based live CD featuring a variety of security, system testing, networking and penetration tools, has now been resurrected (the last version was release 12/2008).

Frenzy 1.2 ‘reincarnation’ (community release) is out. It is based on FreeBSD 8.0 and available in 2 editions – lite and standard. This is a first version of Frenzy that isn’t made by me – the author of this build is Egor Vershinin.”

The developers have set up a new web site at, with some documentation and a changelog, but it’s currently in Russian only. The project’s original web site at also has some information about the new release. The “lite” edition of Frenzy only includes command line tools, but the “standard” edition comes with X.Org and Fluxbox.

Download the English variant from here: frenzy-1.2-reincarnation-en-release.iso

Many thanks to DaliborEdmondas, Lars (LME) and AxelBSD for emailing me regarding the new update.

Updated: FBSD based Projects and Systems page

It was some time overdue, but I have updated the FreeBSD based projects and systems Page.

I have added a section “Discontinued and unmaintained systems”, and moved DesktopBSD, AskoziaPBX and Frenzy to this section.

I have added Tomahawk Desktop under “desktop systems” and GhostBSD to the “live CD” section.

If you’re aware of any missing projects (even non-English ones), drop me a line and I’ll add them.

FreeBSD based Projects and Systems

BSD Magazine goes free

The announcement published by Michal Gladecki, the new Editor-in-Chief of BSD Magazine on the FreeBSD announcements mailing list earlier today read as follows:

“We are happy to announce that BSD Magazine is transforming into a free monthly online publication. The online version of BSD Magazine will stay in the same quality and form. It will look like the BSD magazine one is familiar and comfortable with. Please sign up to our newsletter and get every issue straight to your inbox. Also, you can now download any of the previous issues from our website. The first online issue — 2/2010 — is coming out in February. Please spread the word about BSD Magazine.”

I’m glad to see BSD Mag go free.  Hopefully, more people will read BSD Mag now and become interested the BSD branch of operating systems. However, on the other hand, if there’s little income (ads etc), how can this be maintained?

This reminds me of a Linux PDF magazine that I used to get back in 2005-06: Tux Magazine. This was very a popular online Linux magazine, but it died a sudden death due to no subscription income.

Many thanks to Lee J. Imner ( – Secure | Reliable Networks) for notifying me.