BSDFund – supporting BSD related projects

BSDFund LogoThe FreeBSD Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the FreeBSD Project. This reasonably well-known foundation in the BSD world supports projects which further the development of the FreeBSD operating system (conferences, grants, hardware etc).

Also NetBSD and OpenBSD have their own foundation. These foundations tend to support bigger projects (although they do give travel grants), but there’s also a smaller, lesser known, US non-profit organisation whose mission is to assist and fund BSD-related open source projects, events and travel: BSD Fund.

To be honest I had never heard of this fund until I read about it on Oliver H’s blog. The man behind the BSD Fund is Michael Dexter who’s also one of the guys behind BSD Talk.

Despite the excellent work of the FreeBSD and NetBSD Foundations, there are still individuals and cross-BSD projects that do not have the legal infrastructure to receive tax-deductible donations.

The BSD Fund is negotiating to fund a variety of broad and specific projects but is beginning with conference and travel grants. The Fund raises money through direct donations, grant applications and reward credit cards.

The BSD Fund’s partner organization has given over half a million dollars to open source projects, events and travel over the past seven years. The BSD Fund gives new focus and drive to this effort to help the next thirty years of BSD software development be as successful as the first.

BSD Fund website

BSDTalk Interview with Michael W. Lucas

Podcast LogosBSDTalk has a 12 minute interview with Michael W. Lucas. Mr Lucas is writer of the Big Scary Daemons column at OnLAMP and has written a number of BSD books, of which “Absolute BSD: The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD” is maybe one of the best known.

In this interview he talks about some of his books and strategies for writing technical publications.

Listen to the podcast as MP3 or OGG.

Redirection problem

The automatic redirection of all posts on to the new domain is not working perfectly yet.

I’ve installed the “redirection” WordPress plugin and added some rules, but it’s not working as it should.

Anybody worked before with WordPress and 301 permanent redirections? If you have any ideas/suggestions or if you think you can help me, this would be greatly appreciated.

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Move to new domain:

Since was hacked a lot of traffic has come to my site. Looking at the logs many people  googling for “FreeBSD news” or “BSD news” ended up on my site.

After all these months is still not back up. I’ve therefore created a new domain: , which is easier to remember than I was hoping to buy, but the owner of that domain has been ignoring my emails so far.

If you’re using Feedburner for your RSS feeds, there’s no need to change anything; I’ll point feedburner to now. However, if you’re RSS reader is subscribed to you will need to update this/resubscribe to

If you made use of in the past to release news about (your) FreeBSD products (hardward & software), you’re welcome to email them to me now and I’ll put them on my site.

Apologies for not posting frequently but I’ve been working behind the scenes ;-)