Videos from DCBSDCon 2009 posted (youtube)

Murray Stokely has uploaded 8 videos from the first DCBSDCon to the BSDConferencesYouTube channel. With help from Jason Dixon and Will Backman and open source software such as avidemuxmplayer/mencoder and audacity.

FreeBSD Kernel Internals Lecture Posted

The first lecture from Kirk McKusick’s full length FreeBSD Kernel Internals course has been posted to the BSD Conferences channel on YouTube.

The following video is the first hour of Marshall Kirk McKusick’s course on FreeBSD kernel internals based on his book, The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System. This course has been given at BSD Conferences and technology companies around the world.

Murray Stockely has some interesting details and stats on how the BSD Conferences Youtube channel is doing.